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Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8, 2012

Part 2 of my photo clean out :P


my amazing partner who has been working so hard with his goals. so frikkin proud at his life transformation.  <3 He inspires me every day 


the power of positive thinking = AMAZING. it has honestly changed my life & gotten me to where I am today

Yes, I used to be that little emo girl with my screamo music (which I still love by the way haha), the long emo fringe, black nail polish and sulky outlook. I even self-harmed. I saw everything as stupid, or if it was something good, I would find a way to see the BAD.
meh, what an exhausting way of thinking! i was miserable. 

It's been a long journey to finally love myself and think positively. and learning to forgive has been huge as well.
will never look back and the only time I do, it's to see how far I have come :)


HOW CUTE IS SHEEE haha all snuggled up <3



Okay, this was a curious invention

I read from a food blog that you can make an awesome pancake with 3 ingredients:

1 banana
1 egg
peanut butter

blend all ingredients and cook pancake style

so of course I had to try it! the photo she had was awesssomme (shes an experienced cook and I'm not)
well as you can see, my "pancake" turned all scrambled because when I went to flip it, it BROKE :'(

don't be fooled by its appearance though, it still tasted really yummy!
 even better when topped with sliced strawberries, with a dollop of greek yoghurt ;) it made for a good snack

i'll have to attempt this again and see if i can actually make it look like a pancake *sigh*



One of my past snacks:
mixed roasted nuts
cup of tea




random fact about Jardan #55
... I like eating olives straight out of the jar

Yes, I know it's weird.  But seriously, I have to control myself around these things.  I will eat the whole bottle if I could :/


another healthy Takeaway option

If you live in GRock then you know that there's not too many places out there with great fast food (healthy ones anyway)

this was my lazy dinner one night
Subway Salad with EVERYTHING
and sliced chicken
then I added avocado when I got home

It was HUUUUGE & satisfying :)



Last photo for this post...

<3 her shoulders. Motivation :)

have a good night everyone!

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