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Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

need to do a clean out of photos that have accumulated on my laptop but haven't had a chance to make it onto my blog due to busy schedule :P so this bloggy will be a random collaboration of health photos i have taken...

this was taken during my morning run last week

the photo doesn't do it justice but it was such a fresh & crisp morning because the rain had just cleared & the sky was just turning blue


earphones in, zoning out
actually, truth be told I ended up taking my ear phones out and just listening to my footsteps and my breathing and just nature

cheesy but totally relaxing



one of my all time favourite snacks:
banana on rye bread with natural peanut butter! with some honey and cinnamon


a nice cup of tea

arghhhh just typing this makes me crave it


I need to have this again! so filling & healthy

the other week this was my lunch:

left over cajun chicken
steamed veggies
half a small avocado
cayenne pepper/bbq sauce
protein shake



yes I did steal a kid's bowl :P

yummy dessert that always satisfied my cravings

Natural yoghurt with ABC (almonds, brazil nuts, cashew) spread

i think i ended up adding half a scoop of choc protein powder too just to boost satiety points :)



last week I bought 2kg worth of chicken breasts from the butchers

this is me attempting to cook it all in one go

cajun seasoningggggggggggggg obsessed



saw this on the Crossfit official Facebook page

and it's so true, I need to remember this more often when i am dying through a workout and feel like giving up


part 2 coming up later on... still have a stack of photos to upload !!!!

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