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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day off #2

Day off # 2 was a Saturday


since we went to bed late, we also woke up late :P 10am is the BIGGEST sleep in i have done in a veryyyy long time.  
usually 6am is a sleep in for me so i felt like the day was almost gone when i looked at the clock and it was 10am haha

but since it was our days off, i didn't panic too much and just appreciated the sleep


after our breakfast, nick & i hit the gym at lunch time.

we didn't really have a set plan to do today so it was a random workout

for a while now, i have wanted to start setting benchmarks for Crossfit workouts

here was the first one:


the prescribed weight for girls is 29.5kg (Thrusters).  I have done 25kg before but wanted to take this workout easy so i can keep stepping it up. that and i wanted to get my form downpat.


this WOD is for time, and it is NOT as simple as it looks :/

Here is my first attempt at it:

Thrusters 15kg
Assisted pull ups
TIME: 3:23.3

yay for getting it under 5 mins :) and even under 4 mins :)

next time I will be increasing my weights, and throwing in some unassisted pull ups but i know it'll slow my time down. oh well then i can work on speed once i have my form and weights perfect 

nick also set his benchmark for this wod



 the next Benchmark wod was "Diane"



the recommended deadlift weight for women was 70.2kg
i know my one rep max is 75kg so i wasnt gonna straight away attempt 21-15-9 reps on 70kg lol

here is my workout:

deadlift 50 kg

Decline push ups

Time: 3:58.1

YES under 4 mins again :):)

my adjustments for next time... more weight and probably more decline on my push ups.  I am practising hand stands whenever i can.  I can climb my feet up on the wall and do a push up no problem. but to do 21-15-9 reps... um yeah not happening at the moment lol.  right now i am practising flipping on to the wall and getting used to that feeling. then i will move on to the push ups.

i love being able to see slow improvements :) cant wait to try this again and go heavier with weights





afterwards Nick and I quickly did some heavy leg drop sets with the Leg press and Leg extensions (it hurt) and i did my cardio 25 mins and we left. We get so caught up with talking to everyone at the gym (it's such a social place) that we don't notice the length of time we spend there  

we had an awesome time. i know people don't get how being at the gym can be awesome, but if you have met nick and I, you know that we are lost without our exercise haha

p.s. the next day i was sore all over. this is why i love Crossfit. u don't need 3 hour long gym sessions to change ur body. under 4 mins for a workout and i was sore?? i'll take it :)

after the gym, nick went off to fix his motorbike and do manly things whilst i killed time harvesting lemons. sounds random just typing it lol

came home and it was almost dark.  we whipped up a quick dinner: scrambled eggs!! 

whenever u have eggs in the fridge, you have a meal.


I added avocado to mine, for some extra good fats and also drank my Pharmagreens for more nutrients


This is nick's messy plate. he had Burgen bread with his dinner because he is a guy and has a fast metabolism :P

afterwards we were pretty pooped so we just headed to bed and watched Batman The Dark Knight. 

/end Day #2 of Days Off :)



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