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Monday, July 9, 2012

Day off #1

Nick & I have taken the last Fri, Saturday, Sunday & Monday off just to relax and unwind and be out of routine for once.
We've both enjoyed our days off even if we didn't go anywhere special.  Little things <3

Day #1 - FRIDAY

Our day started bright and early, dragging ourselves out of bed at 5am (didn't I just say we were supposed to relax haha)


BUT there was a method to the madness... we were planning to smash out a Heavy chest workout, then shower at the gym and drive to Rocky for a day of shopping and massage :D


what at AMAZING start to the day. It was totally worth it waking up early.  The workout was awesome AAAAAAAND i beat my personal record for Bench Press
My previous record was 40kg for 3 reps (or was it 2??)

but on Friday I managed to do 2 reps on 42.5 kg YAYYY i know it doesn't sound too impressive but that is almost my body weight!!!
so i'm proud as punch :) ^__^

Nick also set a new Personal Best for his bench presses

3 reps at 110kg!!!
so as you can see, setting Personal Bests at 6am in the morning was pretty frikkin awesome


afterwards we quickly showered, vacuumed and washed my car then drove to rocky.

there was lots of silly singing involved and long chats about anything & everything


we also may or may have not taken photos whilst waiting at the road works :P

got to rocky, and instantly headed to the food court haha we were starrrrrrrving

our favourite place... PULP!!!!!!! omg they make the best food

with like a million combos of fillings and fruits and arghhh 

(how cute is that idea)

For lunch I had:
A smoothie made with banana/strawberries/low fat yoghurt/coconut milk

and a salad made with:
grilled haloumi/pumpkin/roast beef/jalapenos/roast capsicum/olives and garlic sauce

we walked around a little bit then bought a protein ball from Boost Juice and sat down for a coffee at Zaraffa's


These protein balls were amazing

we also ended up getting a half hour back massage at a place called Magic Massage

holy shit. relaxing.. then painful.. then relaxing.. and then pain all over again but we walked out feeling light as a feather and our backs definitely not as knotted and screwed up as before.  Definitely needed this :)

we shopped around a bit more before going home and attending Louie's farewell drinks at the gym where I work. Louie has been at the gym for 25 years now and she is moving on to a different job so it was a sad goodbye! but definitely still a fun night.  Rach (another trainer at work) and I dressed up in 80's gym gear to provide some laughs :P


sexy right!??


rach has this pose down-pat haha


gonna miss you Lou!!!


such a great night :)

BUT it wasn't over yet ...Nick and I ended up getting subway for dinner then catching the late session of The Amazing Spiderman


it was, indeed, amazing. started at 5am... ended up at midnight... we were pooped but extremely happy. Great start to our 4 day weekend :)




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