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Monday, June 25, 2012

Upper body sesh!!

Smashed upper body today!! the day hasn't even ended.. and no joke, I am already sore! so I am currently downing my Xtend :)

also my abs are aching from yesterdays double circuit YAYYY :)


triset #1
(all of the exercises are 3 sets of 15)
pull ups
bent over barbell rows
cable straight arm pull downs

triset #2
reverse close-grip pull downs
one-arm dumbbell row
seated cable rows

giant set (this set particularly BURNEDDDD I looove shoulders)
dumbbell shoulder press
dumbbell upright row
dumbbell lateral raise
dumbbell rear delt raise

seated triceps press
dumbbell bicep curl

then I finished off with 20 mins of fat burn cardio :)

if you are wanting to try these routines out but are not sure of the exercises, google them! there's heaps of exercise demos out there.  I wish I had the time to type up the technique for every single one. i would do it if I could! but again, it's so easy to look up on the internet, so you really don't have an excuse ;)



had a busy day today... 5am shift.. tried out Get Active at the gym so I can practise being in time with the music as I am considering getting my Body Pump qualifications in August EEEEEEEEEEP

had a PT client at 6am, then a fitness program at 10am then did my workout, groceries and upgraded my iphone to a 4S 
i feel like i caught up with technology haha. 

Plyometrics tomorrow + instructing bootcamp. second last sesh with my team :(

have a great night everyone xx


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