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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Legs workout 22 June

Holy burrnnn. I wasn't feeling too well last Friday but I still went to the gym and did my Legs workout.  For some reason I was very light headed and just kept feeling like I was about to spew ... I think I was starting to get sick.  I pushed through it and just made sure to scull my Pharmagreens & green tea when I got home. and also overloaded on veggies (more than usual... spinach, rocket & avocado).  It worked!! ....... I feel heaps better and it gave my body more of a chance of fighting the cold/flu off.


Here was my workout last Friday:

3 x 8
heavy squats
dumbbell plie squats

3 times
15 squat jumps
8 stiff-legged deadlift

3 times
15 leg press
30 steps walking barbell lunges

3 times
12 lying leg curls
12 each leg stationary dumbbell lunges

3 times
10 leg extensions
10 seated leg curl

Last exercise:
100 barbell squats

then did 20 mins fat burn cardio


I am nice sore the day after...and the day after that... :):)


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