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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012

this morning I ran my second last bootcamp session... it ends on Thursday! :(

then i did a workout which was apparently Plyometrics according to but i just saw it as a legs workout

here is the full workout:

Warm up 5 mins

30 dumbbell squats

Split squats 15 reps
Walking barbell lunges 40 steps


Squat jumps 15 reps
box jumps 20 reps
walking lunges (I did stationary barbell lunges) 50 reps (25 each side)

Leg press drop set,
1 heavy set to failure 5 plate changes

then did fat burn cardio afterwards as always :)

i am really enjoying cardio at the end of the workout.  it gives me time to just zone out but get a sweat up and burn some extra calories post workout




how YUM does that salad look!


photoshoot is only 5 weeks away! I am actually feeling pretty damn amazing. 
after my "4 week slump", I re-adjusted my eating and added some carbs back into my diet.
 i dont feel so deprived anymore and i have more energy but I think I am still toning up :)
much happier this way.   interestingly, I haven't craved starchy carbs much at all and my cheat treats are sort of a fortnightly thing now. and it's not even chips anymore which I used to crave.  now it's more like wine haha WHICH IS WEIRD im not much of a drinker at all!
maybe now that I say this, i will want my chippies haha sigh

 bathroom selfies again this morning. I felt very fresh, happy, motivated and bright so obviously that called for a flex pic haha

okay i'm off to plan some workouts, nothing to exciting today!

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