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Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012


My workout today:

12 min AMRAP (as many round as possible)

6 seated box jumps (friggin AWESOME!)
6 thrusters 20kg
6 bar facing burpees

yeouch.  great to get back into crossfit :)
then did 2 ab circuits and 20 mins of fat burn cardio

Dinner tonight was
cajun chicken with steamed veg
on the veggies I drizzled some balsamic vinegar

sorry about the blurry photography :P


my wonderful gf gave me a container of ABC (almond, brazil nut and cashew nut) spread

thank you thank you thank you

i have been having the HARDEST time trying to control myself around it


as you can see I am two days in and almost at the bottom of the jar

 off to sleep and then 5am shift tomorrow
then Upper body workout

niiiiiiight xx


  1. Loved loved that Crossfit sesh and my abs are KILLING meee im to scared to even stretch lol and today is my first day of trying to stay away from the spread :-/ Glad your enjoying yours beautiful

    love love ox

    1. it was awesome hey! I didn't even feel the time at all, it just flew by <3