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Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15, 2012

Rambles at 6:30am

My other half gets his new ute today :)
I really wish I could be there with him when he gets it from the car dealership but it chose to be ready on the day where I work ALL DAY. :( I wanted to see his face light up in happiness - he has been wanting a ute for AGES. Very happy for him :)


Dinner last night:

Chicken breast with cajun seasoning

steamed carrots, broccollini and squash

quick to cook and satisfying :)

Dessert (no photo)
a few scoops of natural yoghurt, half a scoop of Double Choc protein powder, cinnamon and flaxseeds

Chamomile tea


work then moviessssss with girlfriends! going to see Rock of Ages, should be good!

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