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Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012


love this :)



Another girl from work took the bootcamp this morning, whilst I looked after the gym reception.
Gotta say I missed running around outside with the girls!
So i kept running out and sneaking photos of them instead mwahhha

 one fact about me:
i cannot go through a day where the bed is unmade. 

no matter what time of the day I get home, I always make the bed if it hasnt been done so already

it's just so much nicer! 
or maybe I have OCD?

Nick gets annoyed cos sometimes it will be 6pm when we get home and I make the bed ... he thinks there is no point as we will be messing it up again when we sleep in a couple of hours. 

i think plenty of people would be on his side haha



Dinner last night (photo below, not the above picture haha)
turkey mince + lean beef mince
low cal, low carb bolognese sauce
mix of italian herbs
cayenne pepper

and steamed veggies

(i had a separate bowl for the veg)

Can you tell I made more of an effort with presentation ;)

brekky today was rye bread with banana and natural PB again.
lunch was dinner leftovers

obsessed with peanut butttttttterrrrrrrrrrrrr.

off to do Legs and Cardio today at the gym xx

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