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Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

practicing my tricep push ups for Crossfit.
I attended our local Crossfit box last week and their recommendations/requirements for push ups is: elbows in, narrow, chest touches the ground for each rep and hips stay OFF the ground. since tricep push ups are harder for me, I have been practising everyday so I build up strength.


my lunch today! people kept talking about eggs and eggs benedict so I attempted my own poached eggs (semi successful). doesnt look too neat but i kept the yolks runny and whole :D:D:D that's a win for me haha. i didn't have smoked salmon hand so i topped my rye bread with fresh rocket. and sprinkled cayenne pepper on my eggs for a natural fat burner ;) 


my dinner tonight:
200g of chicken sprinkled with Piri Piri (holy f*ck spiciness) seasoning
steamed veg
and my Pharmagreens superfood drink.

Chamomile tea for dessert :)


hope everyone had a great day. I walked my gorgeous dog this morning, went to the gym for an amazing workout and visited my parents. simple but satisfying day for me :)


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