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Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17, 2012

Nick got his sexy new ute on Friday, which came just in time for Coco's birthday :) so we took her out to the beach to celebrate. She had a ball sniffing around and playing with the football, her fave toy.

tried taking sweet photos with her but she just loves to sit in rock pools! did my best to just squat down and not get wet (it was colddd haha)

she wasn't as impressed when we went to take her to the dog wash. she got out of the ute, saw where we were, then jumped straight back on the tray hahaha poor girl. she still had a bath and now she smells nice & pretty and she's all fluffed up :)



I hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)

after spoiling Coco yesterday, I hit the gym for an all over body workout and some cardio


been obsessed with mandarins lately



My workout today:

2 rounds:

40 push ups
40 cal row
40 wall balls
 40 double unders
400m run with dumbbells

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