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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012 - it's been a while!


I'm baaaaack :) will only get to do little posts here and there though as life has gotten so busy.

had bootcamp this morning and then did my own workout afterwards.
Back and Biceps :)

selfie :|

i am becoming more and more happy with my delts and arms but i still have a way to go :)


that was my motto ^^^ during Sunday's workout. I haven't done Crossfit in a LONG time and decided I needed to get back into it.
felt physically sick and nervous before the workout but I am glad I did it, even if it destroyed me lol

5 rounds

22 Kettlebell swings
22 Box jumps
400 m run
22 burpees
22 wall ball shots

felt like death during but felt HOLY AMAZING after. even if i was limping.




Okay I'm off, hope everyone has a great day! 

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