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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clean food


so true.  our fridge/pantry consists of..
- eggs
- natural yoghurt
- chicken breasts
- fresh and frozen veggies
- cayenne pepper (metabolism boosting)
- a bunch of other herbs like basil and oregano
- protein bars (mmmm Titan cookies & cream F*CK yes!)
- cajun seasoning (goes with practically anything i swear)
- tins of tuna, flavoured & unflavoured
- olive oil
- like 20+ protein shakers -_- we are like a shop
- brown rice and brown pasta
- linseed
- oats

and a bunch of other things. oh and rye bread. we live in a house where our housemates LOVE to eat unhealthy 
we have gotten used to having their temptations around the place and now dont even think twice when looking into a fridge and theres a family block of chocolate staring us in the face. so good :) 

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