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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The year that was...



hope everyone had a lovely break. I know I did :) enjoyed a few treats but managed to get back into my gym routine right after Christmas. Did a lot of relaxing.. and almost no drinking! Boring? nah, I just couldn't fit it all in with all the food I gorged on lol But at least 2012 was started on a positive note ;)

reflecting back on 2011, it really was a great year for me. The biggest highlight was my new job as a Fitness Instructor. From there I have moved on to some Personal Training and instructing Crossfit. It really doesnt feel like a job. I feel like I can totally relate to that saying... find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. SO BLESSED. 

2011 was my healthiest year yet. I have progressed to cleaner eating habits and I am the most toned i have ever been. 2012 will be even greater! In 2011 I was also introduced to Crossfit which has honestly changed my life and my fitness.  My endurance has improved to crazy levels. I can now run 6 rounds of 400m WHILE CARRYING WEIGHTS. my box jumps are something to be proud of especially at my teeny height.  i am lifting heavier, my Push presses have progressed to 25kg (for 6 rounds, 12 reps each) when i first started, they were 15kg. for a girl my size, i am super friggin proud. I can deadlift more than my weight now too. I can also now do unassisted chin ups and slowly moving to Pull ups. I can do 150 full body push ups and have done clapping push ups now too! my 2012 goal is to finally by able to do a proper Handstand push up, that would be INSANE. 

2011 also saw me closer to my family than i have ever been. it was such a happy year for me. it helped that i had amazing support from my other half Nick. no one else can understand my weirdness other than him. we are so 100% comfortable with each other, there are no secrets, no closed doors. so good to finally be who i really am and have someone accept that. WAHH MUSHY lol 

OHH and how can I forget... 2011 was the year my bloggy took off! thanks to everyone who looks/reads it. hope to make more bloggies in the future xo

it was an awesome year though this year, my aim is to travel more! 
First stop, Thailand <3 

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