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Friday, January 6, 2012

take note!


I sooooo needed this today. I have been working out 4 days in a row already and usually I do 2 days then have a break so 4 days is huge for me. but I still wanted to do something today even though I knew I should give my bod a break so it can keep performing at its best. soooooo to compromise I did a 30 min Pilates video.  Nothing too stressful but was good for a bit of toning. and I think it helped me relax as well.  i set up a towel on the carpet and lit up some scented candles. i really wanted to make it something calming so I finished feeling rejuvenated not exhausted. will post some pics up later today and the link to the video. 
have a good day and remember having a rest day is a POSITIVE thing .. it won't set you back but rather help you move forward and be EVEN STRONGER.

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