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Tuesday, January 17, 2012



p.s in saying all this, please note this is my own personal opinion & i have nothing against those taking supplements. just want the newbies out there being careful :)

i've noticed sooooo many people getting intro pre-supplements, sometimes more than just one kind and experimenting here & there.
it's soo easily accessible now with it being available for purchase straight off the net or a local rep, and you have it in your hands in a day or two or even straight away.  i know that there are some people who dont even bother learning the basics of nutrition before trying supps :S one even asked me what are complex carbs?? 
and this person has been on supplements and going to the gym for a fair few months and didnt even know what complex carbs are? 
or what to eat before a workout etc.  which made me think so many people are depending on supplements now to get them results, or get them through their workouts. now im no nutritionist and im no expert at supplements etc so i asked a PT from work (who has been in the business for a looong time and has been doing comps for 6 years) if supplements are a bad thing.
and she said it's okay for fit-ish people to take it if they need that extra push but to those who are beginners or have some weight to lose... pre-supps can be doing you damage.  because pre supps elevate your heart rate and pump blood faster through your system... it can be quite dangerous for someone overweight who already has blocked arteries. also watch out when you take heaps of supps because you may be over dosing on certain vitamins & chemicals. KNOW WHAT IS IN YOUR SUPPLEMENTS. a first time competitor didnt know what she was taking and overdosed on l-carnitine and her body went into shock and started to work against itself. it's scary, serious stuff.  so for those mixing supplements please please please be careful, get advice from a knowledgeable trusty PT or nutritionist and know what you are taking. it's your body after all, you need to work with it and support it and know whats best for it. 

I myself have dropped my pre supp, because i want to be as natural as possible (my own personal choice & opinion), and frankly i get a kick out of knowing i killed a workout on my own.  i know theres some people out there too that can purely get their energy from PROPER FOOD.  learn where to get your B Vitamins from and eat !!!! dont depend on pre supps to pep you up... what ever happened to clean eating lol im not saying this for everyone though.
my basic message is... learn your nutrition. eat right. if you find you still need some help, then perhaps look into supplements. dont depend on it.  and get the RIGHT advice.

it's your body, you gotta know what you're putting into it :)
last but not least, get a kick out of knowing YOU DID IT on your own. this goes with 
diet pills etc.  Believe in yourself :)

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