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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my amazing friend and training buddy who I am helping lose weight.
such a sweet text, thank you !!! :) made me feel that much more confident




hollyyy moley.

Monday's workout was a toughie!

10 rounds of 
3 HSPU (handstand push ups)
6 Deadlifts (body weight)
12 Pull ups
24 Double unders

looking at this workout i thought it wouldnt be too bad.
until the third round and i was aching already!!lfsgxcv;lx
my HSPU are getting more vertical (up against a wall) :)
my pull ups were UNASSISTED yayyyy mostly strict pull ups
double unders I smashed them, thats my rest lol

on the 5th round, nick & i decided to add in 3 clapping push ups
he did triple claps
I did single claps full body push ups, and i didnt break my nose! SCORE lol

frig im so sore. great workout try it out :)



nicholai & i before heading out for a friend's birthday drinks :)

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