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Friday, January 13, 2012

body pump

:) finally doing it! 2012, you're mine!
first bootcamp is going great, Thailand trip 1 month away and I've just made the decision to be a Body Pump instructor.
I wouldnt have been able to make this choice without some encouragement from my fave PT at work
she said such nice words and i know this will sound a little egotistical but it basically made my day.
apparently I have the package to become a Les Mills instructor - bubbly personality, the body and have great technique. SOOO nice of her .. i definitely needed that after my huge week of work, late nights closing, and early bootcamps. it's been a huge week i've had so much fun and to end it with that comment is just the icing on the cake.  definitely have that little bit more confidence to instruct a les mills class. excitinngggg and nerve racking ;)
crossfit class tonight then working out with Nick and 2 other PTs from work. then WEEEEEEKEND bring . it . on. !

have a great weekend guys :)
thanks for reading my babble.

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