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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012




p.s in saying all this, please note this is my own personal opinion & i have nothing against those taking supplements. just want the newbies out there being careful :)

i've noticed sooooo many people getting intro pre-supplements, sometimes more than just one kind and experimenting here & there.
it's soo easily accessible now with it being available for purchase straight off the net or a local rep, and you have it in your hands in a day or two or even straight away.  i know that there are some people who dont even bother learning the basics of nutrition before trying supps :S one even asked me what are complex carbs?? 
and this person has been on supplements and going to the gym for a fair few months and didnt even know what complex carbs are? 
or what to eat before a workout etc.  which made me think so many people are depending on supplements now to get them results, or get them through their workouts. now im no nutritionist and im no expert at supplements etc so i asked a PT from work (who has been in the business for a looong time and has been doing comps for 6 years) if supplements are a bad thing.
and she said it's okay for fit-ish people to take it if they need that extra push but to those who are beginners or have some weight to lose... pre-supps can be doing you damage.  because pre supps elevate your heart rate and pump blood faster through your system... it can be quite dangerous for someone overweight who already has blocked arteries. also watch out when you take heaps of supps because you may be over dosing on certain vitamins & chemicals. KNOW WHAT IS IN YOUR SUPPLEMENTS. a first time competitor didnt know what she was taking and overdosed on l-carnitine and her body went into shock and started to work against itself. it's scary, serious stuff.  so for those mixing supplements please please please be careful, get advice from a knowledgeable trusty PT or nutritionist and know what you are taking. it's your body after all, you need to work with it and support it and know whats best for it. 

I myself have dropped my pre supp, because i want to be as natural as possible (my own personal choice & opinion), and frankly i get a kick out of knowing i killed a workout on my own.  i know theres some people out there too that can purely get their energy from PROPER FOOD.  learn where to get your B Vitamins from and eat !!!! dont depend on pre supps to pep you up... what ever happened to clean eating lol im not saying this for everyone though.
my basic message is... learn your nutrition. eat right. if you find you still need some help, then perhaps look into supplements. dont depend on it.  and get the RIGHT advice.

it's your body, you gotta know what you're putting into it :)
last but not least, get a kick out of knowing YOU DID IT on your own. this goes with 
diet pills etc.  Believe in yourself :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

body pump

:) finally doing it! 2012, you're mine!
first bootcamp is going great, Thailand trip 1 month away and I've just made the decision to be a Body Pump instructor.
I wouldnt have been able to make this choice without some encouragement from my fave PT at work
she said such nice words and i know this will sound a little egotistical but it basically made my day.
apparently I have the package to become a Les Mills instructor - bubbly personality, the body and have great technique. SOOO nice of her .. i definitely needed that after my huge week of work, late nights closing, and early bootcamps. it's been a huge week i've had so much fun and to end it with that comment is just the icing on the cake.  definitely have that little bit more confidence to instruct a les mills class. excitinngggg and nerve racking ;)
crossfit class tonight then working out with Nick and 2 other PTs from work. then WEEEEEEKEND bring . it . on. !

have a great weekend guys :)
thanks for reading my babble.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Should I do a video blog?
send me a message on facebook or an email ( < old school lol
if i dont get any responses i'll assume no :( but i probably will anyway hehe

my amazing friend and training buddy who I am helping lose weight.
such a sweet text, thank you !!! :) made me feel that much more confident




hollyyy moley.

Monday's workout was a toughie!

10 rounds of 
3 HSPU (handstand push ups)
6 Deadlifts (body weight)
12 Pull ups
24 Double unders

looking at this workout i thought it wouldnt be too bad.
until the third round and i was aching already!!lfsgxcv;lx
my HSPU are getting more vertical (up against a wall) :)
my pull ups were UNASSISTED yayyyy mostly strict pull ups
double unders I smashed them, thats my rest lol

on the 5th round, nick & i decided to add in 3 clapping push ups
he did triple claps
I did single claps full body push ups, and i didnt break my nose! SCORE lol

frig im so sore. great workout try it out :)



nicholai & i before heading out for a friend's birthday drinks :)

my first Bootcampppppppppp


first session for my 2012 Shape Up bootcamp was yesterday morning!
i was a weeeeeeeee bit nervous with introductions but once we got started it all felt familiar again 
fitness testing alone took more than half an hour! so proud of everyone's efforts though
yesterday was very simple to begin with, next session is tomorrow... and i've already made it harder :D
(i hope) 

i still have SO much to learn, but what better way than throwing myself head first into the deep end of it lol
pumppppppppped for another 3am wake up :D:D:D
such a good way to start the day
(and then eventually hit a wall at around 8am haha)

Help! Why Does My Workout Cause Weight Gain?

i found an article online which i thought could help some people in regards to wondering why the hell the scale isnt budging when they have been working so hard. first of all, i think you shouldn't rely on the scale. go to your local gym and get yourself tested for Body fat percentage and get some measurements done. it's more accurate that a scale. or just go by how your clothes feel and how YOU feel :) scales are dumb and inaccurate. :P


Have you been exercising, eating right, maybe you've even lost a few inches, but when you step on the scale, (gasp!) it says you've gained a few pounds? Don't panic. "Gaining" a few pounds on the scale can be misleading, especially if you're doing all the right things. Here are four things you need to know about your changing weight:


1. Water can alter your weight by as much as 10 pounds (or more).
Think you just lost a few pounds from that serious spin class? Don't get too excited—it's just water loss due to sweat. And the amount of water in your
system has a heavy influence on the number you see on the scale."Water makes up approximately 65-90 percent of a person's weight, and variation in water content of the human body can move the scale by ten pounds or more from day to day," says Jeffrey A. Dolgan, a clinical exercise physiologist at Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach, Fla. This is one of the main reasons diuretics are so popular—they flush the water out of your system, resulting in only a short term weight "loss"—but they don't help to change your body composition in any way.

[so stop weighing yourself 5 times a week/day! your body will change and vary its mass due to a lot of things, which will make the scale go up and down and inevitably make your brain go loco.]


2. A lot of factors can influence your weight—including your workouts.
Have you ever noticed that right after (or even a day or two after) an intense
workout the scale goes up? That's normal, and it doesn't mean you've put on ‘weight,' Dolgan says.
"A person's scale mass is a combination of muscle, fat, bone, the brain and neural tract, connective tissue, blood, lymph, intestinal gas, urine, and the air that we carry in our lungs. Immediately after a workout routine, the percentage of mass in each of these categories can shift as much as 15 percent." Intense workouts cause variability on the scale due to factors like hydration status, inflammation from muscle damage repair (we call this delayed onset muscle soreness), even the amount of intestinal by-product or urine and blood volume, Dolgan says.


3. Muscle does NOT weigh more than fat.
"A common comment when looking at the scale is that ‘muscle is heavier than fat,' which is misleading," Dolgan says. "A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle, however the volume of muscle is denser than the volume of fat, and therefore heavier." When you start to change your body composition with your workouts—by building more dense muscle mass and decreasing your body fat—your scale weight may increase, while your
body fat percentage may decrease. These changes happen over weeks and months (not hours or days) so the scale is useless when tracking them, Dolgan says.

[hence why i recommend using a measuring tape/clothes instead as a guide for measurements]


4. The scale says nothing about your fitness level or body composition.
As noted above, the scale can't tell you how much of your body weight is muscle versus fat, which means if your goal is to improve your fitness level, it's not the best tool for measuring improvements.

"If someone is trying to improve their fitness, they should ignore the scale and pay more attention to objective measurement tools like body composition to track their progress," Dolgan says.

While weighing yourself can be
one way to track your progress, it shouldn't be the only way. And it certainly isn't worth obsessing over with daily weigh-ins. Don't forget, Dolgan says, losing pounds on the scale does not mean that you are more fit—it just means you are lighter, which doesn't mean much at all. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2012



another one to turn u right off fast food.  i hope it does anyway!
i promise i'll blog today!!! am so pooped but i miss it. <3

Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

oooooooooohhhh sexy arms.!



so I posted earlier today that I did a Pilates workout 
nothing too strenuous but it felt good to do something on my "rest" day

here is the link to the video

the girl doing the video is over the top happy SOMETIMES but otherwise I didnt find it too bad.
here was my little set up
i just did the workout in my bedroom, no need for equipment, it's all body weight :)
sorry for the blurry iphone photography :P

 off to have a quick lunch, ill post more later

take note!


I sooooo needed this today. I have been working out 4 days in a row already and usually I do 2 days then have a break so 4 days is huge for me. but I still wanted to do something today even though I knew I should give my bod a break so it can keep performing at its best. soooooo to compromise I did a 30 min Pilates video.  Nothing too stressful but was good for a bit of toning. and I think it helped me relax as well.  i set up a towel on the carpet and lit up some scented candles. i really wanted to make it something calming so I finished feeling rejuvenated not exhausted. will post some pics up later today and the link to the video. 
have a good day and remember having a rest day is a POSITIVE thing .. it won't set you back but rather help you move forward and be EVEN STRONGER.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


a bit of a selfie but loving my hair atm. Usually, my hair is up in a sweaty mess due to all my workouts and working at the gym so i normally have yucky hair, dull, thin, split ends and just plainly resembling an asian grandma but ever since I dyed it a reddish brown, I have managed to keep it healthy . YAYYYYYYYYY me. /end girliness.

The Worst New Year's Resolutions You Can Make

found this article on Sparkpeople. naturally, 99.999999% people have made health related NY resolutions.  i have seen many statuses vowing to cut out this, stop that, never do this again etc. I think fair enough, but really you have just set yourself up for failure. im not saying that in a b*tchy way. i know I've made goals like these and have forgotten/broken them by early Feb.  rethink your goals and you will be more successful. here are some little tricks to help you achieve them. for me, i have chosen to set Monthly resolutions.
They are small but achievable.  My reward for completing my goals are to buy myself some Skins to help protect my knee when I am working out.

link >>>

 As December comes to a close, people all over the globe are preparing for New Year's festivities and chatting with friends about their goals and dreams for the coming year. I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with New Year's resolutions. While a commitment to a change can be a great way to jump-start your healthy lifestyle, sometimes people are so brazen about boasting their goals that detailed plans and effective strategies for reaching them can get glossed over.


Below is a list of the most common New Year's resolutions that are almost destined to be dumped by early February. Are you guilty of setting vague and ineffective resolutions like these? Don't worry: We'll show you how to create goals that will motivate you to succeed long after the confetti has fallen.

Resolution #1:  I will completely cut out [insert unhealthy vice here]!
After a holiday season of excessive indulgence, many people decide to quit smoking cold turkey, swear off alcohol altogether, or ban all sweets forever. How many times have you said, "If I never see another Christmas cookie/hot toddy/pumpkin pie, it will be too soon"? While it can initially feel empowering to "just say no" to unhealthy habits, parting ways with a longtime vice is likely to leave you feeling deprived and desperate in the long run. Some research shows that swearing off certain foods actually makes you think about them more and feel powerless in their presence!
Resolution Revamp:  Forget about nixing your caffeine, nicotine or sugar fix for good. Instead, set a goal to add something healthy to your daily routine. When you're trying to boost wellness, behavior science has proven that it is much easier to increase a healthy new behavior than to get rid of an old one. So a better goal than banning soda might be to focus on drinking eight cups of water every day. Or, if you feel powerless around sugar, rather than focusing on avoiding the office candy jar, you could plan to add an extra serving of fresh fruit to your lunch box. Adding healthy habits will give you a reason to pat yourself on the back (instead of punishing yourself for those guilty pleasures). And once you start to meet your new targets and build momentum, you'll be surprised how quickly those unhealthy behaviors will start to fall away.


Resolution #2:  I will reach my goal weight by this summer!
Maybe you didn't overindulge this season, but you're still struggling with some unhappy thoughts about your current weight, dress size or body shape. Losing weight is the number one New Year's resolution. But, if you go about setting your weight loss goals the wrong way, you're likely to quit or—even worse—gain it all back and then some! The problem with a resolution to simply "lose weight" is that the results are too far off to keep you motivated.
Resolution Revamp: Instead of setting a goal to shed pounds, set more specific goals that account for all of the other small, measurable achievements you'll reach along the way. Skip the scale and find measures besides body weight and clothing size to track your progress. Whether you count salad lunches per week, pull-ups per minute, time on the stationary bike, or heart rate on your morning hike, monitoring other metrics can help you realize that losing weight isn't the only benefit for your focus on nutrition and exercise. And because your stats for muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness tend to improve more quickly than the number on the scale, you'll be able to boast about your results in no time (and losing weight will be a bonus by-product for your efforts).


Resolution #3:  I will join a [gym, health club, exercise class]!
Joining a gym or club can be a great way to reset a rusty fitness routine—but only after you actually go on a consistent basis. Beware those flashy first-of-the-year television ads and deep discounts! Many of those who purchase a gym membership in January bail on their workouts within the first six months. When newcomers are turned off by the extra drive time, the surplus of lycra-clad lads and ladies, the loud music or the crowded, sweat-drenched exercise stations, the apparent perks of the gym atmosphere may not outweigh the pitfalls. If your resolution this year is to get fit, then be sure to assess your wants and needs before signing that health club contract.
Resolution Revamp: The first step to fitting more fitness into your life is picking a program that works for you. Start by writing down what you want from your workouts: Musical motivation or a stoic, silent sweat? Crowded classes or personal space? Climate control or outdoor elements? Don't forget to factor in the commute, child-care options, shower space and more. Scope out contenders and ask for a complimentary day pass to explore at your own pace. If you don't find a gym that stacks up to your expectations, then strike out on your own! There's a bounty of online exercise videos and DVDs at your local library, not to mention cheap, simple equipment that will get you fit without breaking the bank. You may find that designing an at-home workout program or enlisting a neighbor as your running buddy is the most economical and empowering way to spark a sustainable fitness habit.


Resolution #4:  I will spend more quality time with my [friends, spouse, family]!
When the gatherings are over and the decorations are put away, post-party January blues can have you pining for a full house and swinging social schedule. Spending more quality time with loved ones is a popular resolution and it is important to your health to come together for happy occasions and celebrations throughout the year. But focusing too much on fitting in elaborate activities with friends, family and children can leave you stressed out and stretched too thin.
Resolution Revamp: Take a look at your upcoming events and notice all the time you're already devoting to helping and visiting family and friends: school plays, dentist appointments, birthday parties, science fairs, etc. Instead of adding to the festivities, pencil in a few hours a week just for you. Get a massage, read a new book, watch the game, take a walk in the park. Feel guilty about taking time out? Tell yourself that taking time to recharge can help you enjoy your engagements even more. Once you've gotten into the swing of giving yourself some quality "me" time, then you can add in appointments for phone calls with friends, date night with your spouse, and other group activities. Creating your calendar from the inside out will help you set the perfect pace in the coming year.

 Resolution #5:  I will max out my savings account this year!
Everyone's wallet feels a little lighter after the holiday season, so January is often a time when people consider changing their spending habits. There's no doubt that financial fitness is good for your mental and physical health. (Think about that downward spiral that happens when you feel like you can't afford the basics, let alone healthy foods or your favorite yoga class!) But socking money away can also cause stress and tension, especially if you're lacking a specific goal or the support to make it happen.
Resolution Revamp: If your resolution is to accumulate more and spend wisely, involve everyone in your household in the decision to save. Will you break open your piggy bank for a family vacation, a family health club membership, a new car, a kitchen renovation, or a year of college for your eldest child? Choose a goal that's important to everyone in your home and know how much you need to reach it. Then break down that big number into a per-paycheck amount and, if the overall goal is too far in the future, sprinkle in small rewards for meeting benchmarks – these strategies will help you to stay motivated on the path to savings success. Pinching pennies the right way can strengthen your spirit and lead to long-term mental, fiscal and physical wellness.

So, at your upcoming New Year's party, don't just follow the crowd and spout simple, undeveloped resolutions. You've now got the knowledge to create a personalized plan of action that will help you to start the year off right: with a renewed sense of excitement about your journey toward total health and wellness. Regardless of the specific goals you're trying to tackle this year, the best and most effective resolutions are always:
  • Small and easy to achieve without much extra effort. For example, start by adding just 10 more minutes of exercise per week (as opposed to the lofty goal of an extra hour, five days per week!).
  • Specific and behavior-focused. "Eat 3 servings of veggies each day" is a specific behavior that you can observe and measure while "eat healthier" is not easy to define.
  • Designed with a reward in mind. Hold off on purchasing that new jacket, gadget or smart phone app until meet your goal of exercising five days per week or completing your first 5K this spring.
  • Taken on one at a time. Overhauling your entire lifestyle at once can be too intense. Don't be afraid to focus on the exercise first, and start to eat healthier foods later (or vice versa).
  • Reviewed and revised often. Revisit your goals at the end of each week to see how well they're working for you. Don't wait for the entire year to pass before you evaluate your progress or add in a new challenge.


The year that was...



hope everyone had a lovely break. I know I did :) enjoyed a few treats but managed to get back into my gym routine right after Christmas. Did a lot of relaxing.. and almost no drinking! Boring? nah, I just couldn't fit it all in with all the food I gorged on lol But at least 2012 was started on a positive note ;)

reflecting back on 2011, it really was a great year for me. The biggest highlight was my new job as a Fitness Instructor. From there I have moved on to some Personal Training and instructing Crossfit. It really doesnt feel like a job. I feel like I can totally relate to that saying... find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. SO BLESSED. 

2011 was my healthiest year yet. I have progressed to cleaner eating habits and I am the most toned i have ever been. 2012 will be even greater! In 2011 I was also introduced to Crossfit which has honestly changed my life and my fitness.  My endurance has improved to crazy levels. I can now run 6 rounds of 400m WHILE CARRYING WEIGHTS. my box jumps are something to be proud of especially at my teeny height.  i am lifting heavier, my Push presses have progressed to 25kg (for 6 rounds, 12 reps each) when i first started, they were 15kg. for a girl my size, i am super friggin proud. I can deadlift more than my weight now too. I can also now do unassisted chin ups and slowly moving to Pull ups. I can do 150 full body push ups and have done clapping push ups now too! my 2012 goal is to finally by able to do a proper Handstand push up, that would be INSANE. 

2011 also saw me closer to my family than i have ever been. it was such a happy year for me. it helped that i had amazing support from my other half Nick. no one else can understand my weirdness other than him. we are so 100% comfortable with each other, there are no secrets, no closed doors. so good to finally be who i really am and have someone accept that. WAHH MUSHY lol 

OHH and how can I forget... 2011 was the year my bloggy took off! thanks to everyone who looks/reads it. hope to make more bloggies in the future xo

it was an awesome year though this year, my aim is to travel more! 
First stop, Thailand <3