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Tuesday, December 13, 2011



yay for bargains!!! 
this Lorna Jane turquoise top was originally $70 and i wanted it so bad (it has a cool back design as well)
but since i'm a cheapo, i waited and finally it went down to 50% off wee. 
i love the bright colour. was perfect for my training session this morning

Legs (Fast and Heavy training style courtesy of Men's Fitness... I need to get the article and put it on here it's full of helpful tips)
aaaaand 15 min crossfit AMRAP.
I moved up to 16 kg Kettlebell swings! yay me. 

whenever I crave a sweet drink, instead of reaching for soft drink, 
I have iced tea :) had this on the weekend and it was so light and refreshing.
give it a go!

alright, signing off. 
ex oh

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