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Thursday, December 15, 2011

gym bag!

ok my gym bag goes with me everywhere. mostly because I take it to work (gym), and I take it with me when I work out (gym). so it's constantly with me lol.



lots of random bits and pieces but i swear they all have a purpose :P

This is my little folder of workouts, exercise info, nutrition articles and muscle articles etc. it's my expanding collection and i use it for work and outside of work. keeps me sane :)
wallet for obvious reasons plus i always need the cash on me when i want to buy protein bars from work
Crossfit CD mix for when I instruct my class. they're full of upbeat tracks and mostly heavy metal because everyone deserves to feel tough when they're doing crossfit :P
 my pedometer off to the left there but I mainly use it to time my workouts, or if i'm doing a 15/20/30 whatever AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) style WOD.

earphones. my ipod was charging at the time. though i dont really listen to music when i workout. hence why the earphones are still tied up haha. i keep it there just in case though.

weight lifting gloves because im a girlllllllllllllll and frankly, the bar can get slippery when i have sweaty hands :(

my little notebook that i write my food diary in 

fitness centre brochure for timetable of the classes :)


Car keysss
deo because naturally, I stink when i workout haha

and skipping rope because I love to kill myself with double unders :P

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