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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7, 2011


tried almond milk last week and actually liked it! 
ignore the "Jo" haha had to prevent others from stealing it :P
here are some benefits of almond milk
(who knew you could milk almonds??!)

Almond Milk Benefits Can Help Everyone

Almond milk benefits are is more beneficial and nutritious than ordinary dairy milk due to the fact that it contains more nutrients. It is also an ideal alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or have allergies to soy, and is why almond milk benefits are often bandied around TV.

The benefits of almond milk are vast and are especially good for those looking to lose weight. Almond milk has a low caloric value with an 8 oz serving of plain almond milk benefits which has no added sugar only contains 60 calories. As the caloric value of the milk is so low this means it has a lower impact your daily calorie intake and are a great reason of almond milk benefits.

The Health Benefits of Almonds and Almond Milk

Almond milk benefits those that are diabetic or are looking for a milk that is blood sugar friendly will also reap the benefits of almond milk as a typical serving only contains 8 grams of carbohydrates in 7 grams of which are sugar. These sugars make up the carbohydrate content thus have minimal impact on our bodies versus that of normal dairy milk which contains simple sugars which our bodies store as fat thus our bodies tend to miss out these vital nutrients which are the cornerstone to almond milk benefits. 

Almond milk has such as low amount of simple sugars so have a low glycemic nature, this means they are digested fully and the body can use it for energy.  

The benefits of almond milk don’t stop there though! Read on..

Opting for the almond milk benefits can also promote a healthy heart. As there are only 5mgs of sodium and no cholesterol in a typical serving. The low amount of sodium, lack of cholesterol and presence of around 150mg of Potassium within the milk helps keep blood pressure levels normal and aids in maintaining a healthy heart.

Almond milk benefits also help increase bone health, which is increased in men, women and children as it contains 25% of your daily recommended Vitamin D intake and 30% of calcium both of which aid in building and maintaining strong healthy bones. Having strong bones is paramount in fighting off the risk of osteoporosis in later life and that is why everyone talks about the almond milk benefits.

The Almond Milk Benefits Can Help Stop Alzheimer’s

Almond milk benefits are packed with Vitamin D is known to also help improve cell function and help improve immunity. It is also been proven that Vitamin D can help decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

Other vitamins are also present within the milk, such as Vitamin A which is a great way to improve skin and eye heath. There is 50% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin A in a serving of almond milk health benefits which contains antioxidants abilities which are great for improving the health of your skin.

Vitamin A within the milk has a great influence on your eyes ability to adjust to changes on light, thus it is a great way to improve the function of your eyes and is why doctors recommend almond milk.

The health benefits of almond milk is it can help increase muscle power, which is perfect for body builders looking for a natural way to increase muscle strength and that explosive power that ‘unnatural’ products give. 

The milk helps improve muscles due to the presence of protein, riboflavin which is a form of Vitamin B and iron. In a typical serving of almond milk benefits is 4% of your recommended daily intake of iron, which helps regulate oxygen absorption. 

The protein content despite it being 1 gram promotes growth, repair and energy – giving a strong need to use almond milk.


lunch yesterday was
brown rice
chicken cooked with a bit of olive oil

yes it's plain and pretty boring but it was still filling and didnt make me bloated. 
:) I am trying to reduce my body fat further so im going to attempt cutting down on 
sauces, additives etc clean eating everyone!





Are You Addicted to Diet Soda?


Cracking open a can of diet soda instead of regular soft drink may seem like a good idea at first, but research continues to show a disturbing link between diet soda consumption and weight gain. And though the sweet, effervescent drinks may taste good, they're certainly not good for your body. "Diet soda may not have the sugar or calories of regular soda, but it's chock-full of other health-draining chemicals [processed sh*t!!!], including caffeine, artificial sweeteners, sodium, and phosphoric acid," says Marcelle Pick, member of the American Nurses Association and co-founder of Women To Women. It is possible to ditch your diet soda dependency, however. Read on to find out how!

1.Get your fizz on elsewhere. 
It tastes good. We get it. With its bubbly fizz and sweet flavor, soda makes for one lip-smacking beverage. But you can trick your mind—and taste buds—into thinking the same thing about a number of different drinks such as sparkling water or naturally carbonated, sugar-free fruit beverages. Keri M. Gans, a New York-based nutrition consultant and American Dietetic Association spokesperson, offers a refreshing alternative. "Drink some seltzer with a splash of juice for a little flavoring." Adding chopped-up fruit such as lime or watermelon to water will also boost flavor in a perfectly healthy way.

2. Find a caffeine substitute. It's late afternoon and you've lost your pep. You're craving caffeine. Your first instinct is to race to the vending machine for a carbonated diet drink. But rather than sip on something laced with hard-to-pronounce artificial sweeteners, explore other energizing options. And creamy, sugary coffee drinks won't cut it. Turn to green tea, fruit smoothies, or a variety of other healthy creative alternatives to power through the afternoon

3. Change your attitude! It's normal to believe that gulping down a can of diet soda, instead of regular soda, will shave calories off your daily intake, but that kind of mentality will get you in trouble. After observing the association between diet drinks and weight gain, Richard Mattes, a nutrition scientist at Purdue University, says that most diet-soda drinkers assume they're allowed to indulge in more calories. "That's not a fault of the product itself, but it's how people chose to use it," he tells The Los Angeles Times. "Simply adding [diet soda] to the diet does not promote weight gain or weight loss."

4. Hydrate with H20. Though diet soda doesn't cause dehydration, those who habitually guzzle it down tend to use it as a replacement for plain old H20. Try to keep a refillable water bottle handy at all times and take a long swig before you drink anything else. "Water is probably your best bet to stay hydrated," says Katherine Zeratsky, a Mayo Clinic nutritionist. "It's calorie-free, caffeine-free, inexpensive, and readily available."

5. Don't quit cold turkey! If you're a diet soda lover, it won't be easy to swear off the pop right away. And that's okay! Wean yourself off slowly and be prepared for withdrawal symptoms. It will get easier over time. In fact, you may soon find that you prefer other, healthier drinks. 



MY WOD on Monday
(absolutely hammered me)


5 rounds
30 m walking lunge with overhead weight (15 kg)
30 box jumps (13 rises, like on my video, this was the hardest part)
20 wall ball shots (4 kg, need to step it up to 6kg)
10 hand stand push ups


MY WOD yesterday

20 min AMRAP 
(as many round as possible)

10 Push press (17 kg)
10 sumo deadlift high pulls (20 kg)
10 kettlebell swings (SOO HAPPYYYY I MOVED UP to 16 kgs :))))
10 hand release push ups

KILLLERRRR. I am so sore today. :)




haha had some fun with crackling nail polish yesterday :P
enjoying my green tea on this lovely rainy day.
here are some more creative ideas on how to use green tea:

New Ways to Enjoy Green Tea



Spice Up Oatmeal
Infuse your everyday oatmeal with a blast of antioxidants. Steep a green tea bag in boiling water, then mix your favorite instant oats in it and prepare as you normally would.


Shake It Up
Refuel after a workout with a green tea smoothie. Green tea powder, particularly Japanese matcha, blends easily with low-fat vanilla yogurt, banana, and a handful of frozen berries for an ice-cold shake.

Dunk Your Rice
Ochazuke, a dish popular in Japan, is made by pouring hot green tea over cooked rice, then topping the bowl with savory ingredients like seaweed. The rice soaks up every drop so each mouthful is rich with the tea's nourishing properties. Its simplicity makes ochazuke an ideal meal when you’re short on time.


Cool Down
For a sparkling thirst quencher, dissolve a teaspoon (or more!) of green tea powder into hot water, then stir in ice cubes and ginger ale. The liquid blend is an antioxidant powerhouse, perfect for a quick pick-me-up.

Get Creative with Cookies
Mix a heaping spoonful of green tea powder into your favorite cookie batter (try one of these healthy recipes). The quick and easy addition creates naturally green baked goods with a subtle earthy flavor.

omg there's like 10 or 11 more awesome ideas but im running out of time. click on the link under the title for more :)


hope everyone has a great day. rest day for me today then work this afternoon!




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