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Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

Happy birthday Mum!!!!!!!!
love you lots :)




Friday workout:

For time:
40 Push ups
400m run
40 Sumo deadlift high pulls (SDHP)
40 Jump squats
20 push ups
400m run
20 Jump squats
10 push ups
800m run
10 jump squats

I moved up to 25kg on my SDHP :)




booking our Thailand holiday TODAY!!!
excited is an understatement.

6 week countdown is ON!




din dins last night!
- rocket
- lettuce mix
- grape tomatoes
- cashews
- chicken with italian herbs
- steamed green beans
- light shredded cheese


 What's really in your Hamburger??

(from Men's Fitness 2009)
An American study last year assessed the content of the meat from eight fast food hamburger brands.
The burgers in eight different brands were evaluated for water content by weight and microscopically for recognisable tissue types.

They discovered that hamburgers are comprised of little meat (median, 12.1%) and approximately half of their weight is made up of water.

The study unexpectedly found that some of the burgers contained connective tissue, blood vessels, peripheral nerves, fat, plant material, cartilage and bone.

So do you want fries with that?

it's because of articles like these that i haven't had a fast food burger in a year :\






alright, found this bit in Men's Fitness and tried it out.. was sore for a good few days lol


There are two indisputable ways to build big, strong muscles.  By lifting heavy & lifting fast.  Trouble is, muscles can't move really heavy loads fast.  While they can move light loads quickly, it isn't stressful enough on muscles to elicit growth.  How do you lift heavy and fast in the same set to reap maximum benefits?


Choose a compound exercise for whatever muscle group you're training.  

For example, if it's a chest workout, you could use the bench press (as opposed to the dumbbell fly).

Perform a set with a weight that allows you to get five reps (do not go to failure), rest 10 seconds then hit the floor and do as many plyo push ups as you can (explosively push up so that your body rises off that floor and you can clap in mid air).

Rest 180 seconds, and then repeat the sequence twice more.  

The set of five reps allows you to lift heavy weights, providing plenty of muscular tension.

The explosive plyo push-ups recruit your biggest and strongest muscle fibres.  

If you're training legs, do back or front squats followed by body-weight jump squats.

For bicep development, perform one set of weighted  chin ups for five reps, rest 10 seconds, and then do a set of barbell curls as fast as possible with a load you could lift 10-12 times.





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