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Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011


goooood morning :) hope everyone had an awesome weekend. i had a great one with my girlfriends <3

i absolutely killed my class on Friday... here's the workout:

2 rounds: 
50 m bear crawl
50 m broad jumps
... for every 5 broad jumps, do 5 burpees
[legs were aching at this point]

5 rounds:
200m run w/ plate weight (5 kg for female, 10 kg for male)
24 Push presses
24 box jumps
24 SDHP (sumo deadlift high pulls)

Tabata 8 rounds of
Knees to Elbows

yup everyone was red faced but pushed on! PROUD of my crossfitters


dinner last night! 

Red wine & Garlic Beef Casserole with Brown Rice 

500 g diced beef
2 carrots, diced
2 potatoes, diced
140g tomato paste
1 cup beef stock, heated
1/2 cup masterfoods Red Wine & Garlic marinade
1-2 tbsp paprika
Sprinkle of cayenne pepper
Brown rice to serve

1. Pan fry diced beef until brown and then add marinade, carrots, potatoes, tomato paste, beef stock, paprika and cayenne pepper.
2. bring casserole to the boil and then allow to simmer for 30 mins.
3. Serve with brown rice as per packet instructions.

I liked this meal because it was so simple but healthy. perfect for non-masterchefs like myself.



 My WOD on friday:


Wall Balls


Ask the Diet Doctor: Egg Whites vs. Whole Eggs



Q: Which is better: egg whites or eggs with yolks? Is eating whole eggs really bad for my health?

A:  You can eat both, but opt for whole eggs first. Whole eggs have a long nutritional history of being good for you, then bad for you (during the low-cholesterol craze), and then good for you again. The main reason why eggs were placed in the "don’t eat" basket several decades ago was due to their high cholesterol and fat content; a large egg has 200 mg of cholesterol and 6 grams of fat. The belief was that by removing cholesterol from your diet, your cholesterol levels would go down – sounds like it makes sense, right?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, your body is much more complex than that. Over the past several decades research has revealed two important facts:

1. Eating a little more dietary cholesterol does not lead to increases in your cholesterol levels.

2. Your total cholesterol level is not as important of a risk factor for cardiovascular disease as we once thought. Considering that more than 35-percent of coronary heart disease occurs in people with low total cholesterol levels, it was crucial to find a more accurate marker.

While most of the buzz about eggs has focused on potential dangers of the high cholesterol content, whole eggs contain numerous nutrients that are key to good health. The yolk portion of an egg contains choline, an essential nutrient for brain health. Plus, whole eggs have an antioxidant capacity equal to that of an apple, an iconic symbol of good health, according to research published in Food Chemistry.

I recommend that you buy omega-3 eggs. The chickens that these eggs come from are fed a higher omega-3 diet and some omega-3 eggs (depending on the brand) contain up to 150 mg of the omega-3 fat DHA. This is the same healthy fat found in fish oil supplements that is essential for proper brain function and research shows may also help you lose weight.

Whole omega-3 eggs are a great addition to your diet and contain multiple essential nutrients. Enjoy them and your health will improve!


try this move at home or the gym! all you need is a swiss ball (exercise/stability ball)

Swiss-Ball Pike with Pushup

Start in a pushup position with your toes on a stability ball and your hands on the floor 
(A). Keeping your legs straight, raise your butt toward the ceiling, drawing the ball toward your arms 
(B). Pause and roll back to start. Pause, then do a pushup. 
That's 1 rep. 



My most FAVVVOUUURITE stretch right now. i do this yoga pose after every workout, without fail.
The Pigeon Pose

Bring one knee forward and to the edge of the mat. Take the foot of the bent leg forward to stretch the knee also. Stretch the other leg back. Lengthen through the inside of the leg all the way to the big toe.

Place the hands on the mat in front of the leading leg for an easier pose. Place the hands under the hips for a slightly harder pose. (You can place the finger tips on the mat for a better stretch around the shoulders). Whatever you decide to do the force of this arm pressure will reduce the pressure on the hip. This may be done for relief or for  balance.  

To take it even further, bend your whole body forwards until your arms are outstretched on the floor in front of you (pictured)

This is a hip stretch but can also stretch the muscles of the knee in the leading leg. The lower back is also stretched. The major muscle that is stretched here is the glutues maximus (BUTT).

The quadratus femoris a big muscle that is behind the hip and femur is also stretched.

Knee muscle really prevent the stretch from deepening. These are the popliteus which wraps around the tibia and inserts in the femur at the inner part of the end of the bone. Close the that on the outside of the knee is the arcuate popliteal ligament and the lateral collateral ligament of the knee and the medial collateral ligament. These bind the Fibula and femur together at the outer part of the knee joint. These are also stretched along with the knees internal ligaments.






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