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Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011


Smart Choices 
(Women's Health & Fitness Vol 17 2011)

The Dilemma
"Is it better to have a glass of wine, glass of beer or a shot of vodka?"

The Verdict
"Go for the vodka - as long as it's served straight or with lime & soda."

Vodka, fresh lime & soda is the winner.  It's a low-sugar, low-calorie option at 64 calories (taking 13 minutes of power walking to burn off), while a glass of wine is around 100 calories (taking 21 minutes to burn off).  A schooner of regular beer contains a whopping 164 calories (35 minutes of power walking to burn off).  Although red wine does contain some beneficial antioxidants called polyphenols, these are readily available in dark red fruits such as raspberries, pomegranates and blueberries.  The only problem with vodka is what people mix it with, so avoid sugary mixers.


The Dilemma
"Is it better to drink soft drink of fruit juice?"

The Verdict
"Stick with juice."

"I can't stand diet soft drinks, so bin these," Nutritionist McMillan says.  The occasional fruit juice is fine but if you are watching your weight you are better to avoid juice.  Water and herbal tea are better alternatives.  But if you want to drink juice, get your drinks juiced in front of you as nutrients disappear after about 10 minutes (DID NOT KNOW THIS! WOW)  Nutritionists also suggest opting for "two root, one fruit" - like beetroot, apple & ginger - to make juices more nutritious.  Although they aren't always packed with  the vitamins they claim, juices are much better for you than the artificial chemicals, such as phenylalanine, found in diet drinks.






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