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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011


It’s easy to make progress when things are going great. When you’re feeling fast, powerful, strong.
When you are feeling bad, when nothing is working, when everything is going against you, then you must bear down, and forge ahead. Those are the days that build character and make the most difference.


This guy's progress is awesome!




Chef's Secrets: Try These Unusual Combos 

to Add Flavor Not Fat 


What's the secret to cooking like a healthy chef? Think beyond the usual flavor boosters of sugar, salt and fat. While they taste good on the tongue, they're not exactly good for us, are they?

Today I'm sharing some unusual yet delicious flavor combinations that will help you create wonderful dishes that aren't heavy on the fat.

Fruit trees are busting at the branches this time of year. Peaches, plums, apricots and cherries are all in season right now. Because of fruit's natural sweetness, choose contrasting flavors.  (A note on combining flavors: Don't overpower your main ingredient. Add small amounts of your supporting ingredients until you have a dish that's balanced to suit your palate.)


  • Quartered peaches stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in prosciutto--then grilled. 
  • Stone fruit salads with chopped thyme or lemon balm
  • Halved grapes with basil vinaigrette
  • Diced nectarines with jalapenos and honey
  • Diced mango with grilled shrimp rubbed with spicy chili powder
  • Strawberries with mango and jalapeno peppers


Yesterday's WOD (workout of the day)
5 rounds for time
(no rest between rounds)
3 Cleans
20 Burpees

Partner Leg Throws

Partner Leg Throws
Leg throws also work the hip flexors while placing your abdominals under a dynamic load. 
Lie on your back with legs extended straight up in the air. 
Your partner stands with one foot on either side of your head, facing your feet. 
Grasp your partner's ankles to keep your upper body steady as he pushes both of your feet away from him. 
Squeeze your abs tight to keep your upper back from arching as you stop your feet before they hit the ground, then bring them back up to your partner's waiting hands. 
He can push your feet straight away from him, 
which works the rectus abdominis, o
r to either side to work your obliques. 



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