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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thank you :)

an incredibly sweet person emailed me yesterday :

"Hi Jardan,
I didn't want to post a public comment on your blog but 
just wanted to say thanks for the posts you put up. 
The pictures in particular are a regular reminder of where 
I want to end up & are often enough to make me put down the 
chocolate brownie/cookie/lemonade I was about to blow a day of dieting on. 
So thanks for taking the time to find those things & put them up. 
Just wanted you to know that people are reading & appreciating what you do."
I am SO incredibly flattered and also apologetic because i havent blogged in what feels like yoooooooonkksss. 
I have been so busy with work and uni that i have pushed blogging to the side but i am back now and will
put in more effort because i DO love it and it is SO motivating :D:D:D

 soooooooooo i am at Res School at the moment completing my pracs and i have to say it is INSANELY interesting learning about VO2 max and anaerobic thresholds and anthropometrics and blood lactate etc etc etc "other long ass science words" :P
i have been doing cycle ergometer tests and sprints (which by the way pulled my leg muscles and now i limp everywhere sigh) and also had to get pricked 5 times while exercising so my blood lactate could be monitored. i have 2 days left but i am loving it :)

another thing i am loving........... CROSSFITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
i friggin miss it. so so sososososoo much. cant wait to get back home and get right back into it (if my leg allows me to!)







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