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Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011


29 months today :)


you make me so happy :)


 how i am keeping healthy whilst at a residential school:
-packed my own snacks: cashews, protein bars, tuna, scivation, fresh fruit and nut bars
i nommed on these throughout my lectures and afterwards

-chose healthy options at brekky/lunch/dinner food buffet
loaded my plate with veggies and proteins ie eggs
there were hardly any complex carbs available so a spoonful of white rice did me
all in moderation :)

-created mini workouts to do in my room
eg 5 rounds of 1 min each
high knees
plyo lunges
mountain climbers

-drank HEAPS of water

im still missing home, but i get to go back tomorrow!! my leg is also feeling much better today :) 



really short post right now, gotta go to class
have a great day everyone!

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