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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011

It's almost spring! !!! ! ! ! !   ! !  :):):):)

(haven't done this in a while :P)

True or False: Besides foods fortified with calcium, you can only get calcium from dairy foods like milk and yogurt.

  • True
  • False


You can find calcium in many dairy-free foods, from almonds to tofu. Collard greens, black-eyed peas, blackstrap molasses, kale and oranges are a few more plant-based sources of calcium.


True or False: The friendly bacteria in your digestive tract make vitamins that you body uses.

  • True
  • False


Vitamin K can be made in your digestive tract by the billions of bacteria that are in your intestines. Some of these bacteria synthesize vitamin K that your body can then absorb. You can also obtain vitamin K from food sources such as green-leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, pork, liver, whole wheat, oats, and bran. Fair sources include fruits, vegetables, seeds, tubers, milk, and eggs.


True or False: Antibiotics can treat a cold or the flu.


  • True
  • False


When you come down with a cold or the flu, the last thing you should do is take an antibiotic. Most antibiotics only work against infections caused by bacteria, so they won't work against illnesses (like the cold or the flu) that are caused by viruses. Currently, no licensed antibiotics exist for fighting the common cold. Some prescription antibiotics (known as antiviral medications) are available and effective against the flu, but only if they're taken very early in the illness.


True or False: Surrounding yourself with people who tend to overeat makes YOU more likely to overeat, too.

  • True
  • False


Surrounding yourself with people who tend to overeat makes YOU more likely to overeat, too. Researcher Brian Wansink (author of "Mindless Eating") found that we mirror (to a point) the amount that our company consumes. We consciously and/or unconsciously follow the "consumption norm" of those we dine with by emulating how much they eat in order to achieve acceptance. Dr. Wansink's studies reflected this behavior, and it's important to be aware and attempt to make a conscious decision about how much you eat when eating among others.



Yesterday's workout:

3 rounds of:
600 row (1st round)
3km bike (2nd round - sticking to your highest RPM the WHOLE WAY)
600 m run
15 Deadlifts
30 Thrusters
60 Double Unders

no rest between rounds



(....hardest workout you will ever love... apart from Crossfit ;))


gonna try this move at the gym today! :) 

that cranberries are packed with carbs??



This packable fruit delivers a generous  
pre- or postworkout blast of carbohydrates (25 grams per ¼ cup)
Plus, cranberries have proanthocyanins, compounds that help prevent and fight 
urinary tract infections. Running to the bathroom every 5 minutes 
definitely isn't the kind of workout you need. 


Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26, 2011

Yesterday's Crossfit workout!
"Dirty Thirty"
1 round NO REST

30 Box jumps
30 Pullups
30 KB swings (16/12kg)
30 walking lunges
30 Knees to Elbows (total 60)
30 Push press
30 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots (10/6kg)
30 Burpees
30 Double Unders

the workout killed but i didnt feel like throwing up so next time i'll progress to the "Filthy Fifty" which is 50 reps of everything instead of 30. ahhhhhhh gonna be an awesome workout

after the Dirty Thirty, we did 12 mins AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
18 Wall Ball shots (6 kg)
10 Pullups

and also Double under practise :) 
was sweating bucketloads by the end of it :D:D:D


on monday my workout was:
"The Three Bars of Death"
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of
Power Cleans
Bench press
holy crap my body was screaming. 

people, give CrossFit a try..... it could honestly change your life!!


today's morning snack:
hard boiled egg
[and a cup of tea!]


We’ve all hit that bump in the road, the setback, the problem. What sets people apart is how they react to that bump. [When I am training someone, I look at their attitude.  Regardless of their fitness level, I respect someone who gives everything a go even if they are unsure, someone who will say BRING IT ON even they are fatigued, someone who is open minded and will grit their teeth through the routine just so they can get through it and reap the benefits of being able to surpass their comfort zone.]
 Are you one to spin out of control, in despair? Or do you grab a hold of that wheel and steer yourself straight? Whether it’s a school assignment, a work project, or a volunteer mission, we all encounter things that slow us down. You just have to keep in mind that a setback is only temporary and greater things lay ahead.

It is easy just to quit, give up and ignore the hard
work you have put into something. But at SparkPeople, we believe in the "two steps forward, one step back" philosophy. So what if something bad happens? Keep moving forward, developing what you have. You’ve already built a solid foundation on which you can rely. Hard work can’t be overlooked.

So how can you react when something doesn’t turn out as you’ve expected? First, be objective. Step back and look at the situation. Take responsibility where it is due, but don’t place blame on others. Is your setback really that significant, or will it just require a little extra exertion on your part? Come to terms with it and then start planning your next move. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to do this. Oftentimes, people are more than willing to give you support and advice, maybe even after being in a similar situation. You don’t have to be perfect; after all, nobody else is.

Bounce back. Reevaluate the goals you should have set for yourself at the beginning and retool them as necessary. Goals should be realistic and specific, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be flexible and are allowed for minor impediments. Instead of looking at your project as a disaster or failure, view it with success. Concentrate on how great it will feel after it is finally done, after you have put your all into it. Instead of focusing on a possible unsatisfactory performance one single time, take a moment to sit back and reward yourself for all that you have accomplished.

Above all, don’t live with regrets. Approach life with perseverance and dedication to the things that matter most to you. Success is never easy. It remains up to you whether you will give up, or fight through the tough battles to earn whatever it is you want.

A fragment of a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson is telling:

"Finish each day
And be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and
Absurdities have crept in.
Forget them as soon as you can."

Move on with your life. Keep reaching for your goals and you will achieve them. One minor setback is nothing if you really want something and are willing to work for it. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011




"CrossFit is not just about becoming the athlete of the future, he’ll tell you. It’s about becoming a better human being. It’s about self-actualization. It’s about creative thinking, it’s about not being OK with imagined limitations, it’s about maximum effort. It’s about living your life hard and well and with joy.

Welcome to CrossFit."
-Kelly Starrett


this ab workout basically killed me last week:

3 rounds of:
50 knees to chest sit up (with arms beside your body)
25 V ups
25 knees to elbows
1 min plank

ahhhh we were SO sore, shooting for 4 rounds this sunday!!! ;)





Lie faceup on the floor with your legs and arms straight. Hold your arms straight above the top of your head. In one movement, simultaneously lift your torso and legs as if you're trying to touch your toes. Lower your body back to the starting position.



my sexy new Nike gloves! 
yes im a bit of a girl when it comes to having soft hands haha 
callouses were starting to build up from bars and even my double unders 
were making my hands blister. tried the gloves out yesterday and they
were nothing short of perfect! :)

You must have tasted coconut as food but have you ever used coconut for skin care? Coconut is extensively used in different skin care products for its skin benefits. However, the most interesting part of coconut advantage is that you can easily fit coconut therapy into your daily skin care regime. Read here and learn coconut tips but before that let’s analyze why it is so special for skin.

Why Coconut is Skin Friendly

Coconut is packed with healthy fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.  Shredded coconut pulp contains vitamins like A, C, D E, K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, etc. The fruit contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, fluoride, manganese, and selenium. All these nutrients at one point are the reason we correlate coconut and skin care traditionally. Natural fatty acids in coconut milk make it an excellent treatment for dry and irritated skin. Antibacterial power of coconut soothes skin infection and the fat content maintains natural moisture level hence provides almost instant relief.

Coconut Home Remedies For Skin Care

  • Regular use of coconut milk on skin promotes healthy skin and maintains skin hydration level. Face mask made of coconut milk and honey works well for all skin types. Apply the thick paste on skin, retain it for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.
  • Raw coconut milk on skin soothes skin irritation caused by allergic rash, psoriasis, hives, eczema, sunburn etc. This herbal milk also prevents formation of wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots.
  • Regular use of coconut oil on scalp cures dandruff and promotes excellent hair growth. Light massage with this oil on skin reduces cellulite; You may add grapefruit, tangerine, or orange oil 3-4 drops to coconut oil for better result. The massage therapy can  reduce stretch marks, burn scars, and acne outbreak.
  • Coconut oil works as a natural lip balm; instead of coconut oil, coconut butter or coconut milk can be used as well.
  • Cytokinin content of coconut water has anti-aging quality. Topical application of this herbal water with limejuice improves skin elasticity and prevents it from sagging. Drinking coconut water everyday promotes blood circulation; as a result, the skin retains its glow.
You must use coconut for skin care to enjoy beautiful young skin for years. However, if you cannot use coconut remedies in raw, you may try using coconut skin care products. Bonus will be attractive and radiant skin.




Tuesday, August 16, 2011


"It says something of the fibre of a person who returns day after day - bruised, burned, bloodied and blistered - to endure, hell SURVIVE, another WOD [workout of the day].

But the struggle of those fucking rings; the weight of that fucking bar; the whipping of that fucking rope... the games you play with your mind, the profanity you yell at your encouraging coach, the false promises you make to those screaming muscles... these are all part of the joy of Crossfit!!

The fact is, no sport is more gruelling... yet no sport is more satisfying.

Crossfit - believe... achieve... and in the words of that famous enterprise.. JUST DO IT!"


Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011


29 months today :)


you make me so happy :)


 how i am keeping healthy whilst at a residential school:
-packed my own snacks: cashews, protein bars, tuna, scivation, fresh fruit and nut bars
i nommed on these throughout my lectures and afterwards

-chose healthy options at brekky/lunch/dinner food buffet
loaded my plate with veggies and proteins ie eggs
there were hardly any complex carbs available so a spoonful of white rice did me
all in moderation :)

-created mini workouts to do in my room
eg 5 rounds of 1 min each
high knees
plyo lunges
mountain climbers

-drank HEAPS of water

im still missing home, but i get to go back tomorrow!! my leg is also feeling much better today :) 



really short post right now, gotta go to class
have a great day everyone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thank you :)

an incredibly sweet person emailed me yesterday :

"Hi Jardan,
I didn't want to post a public comment on your blog but 
just wanted to say thanks for the posts you put up. 
The pictures in particular are a regular reminder of where 
I want to end up & are often enough to make me put down the 
chocolate brownie/cookie/lemonade I was about to blow a day of dieting on. 
So thanks for taking the time to find those things & put them up. 
Just wanted you to know that people are reading & appreciating what you do."
I am SO incredibly flattered and also apologetic because i havent blogged in what feels like yoooooooonkksss. 
I have been so busy with work and uni that i have pushed blogging to the side but i am back now and will
put in more effort because i DO love it and it is SO motivating :D:D:D

 soooooooooo i am at Res School at the moment completing my pracs and i have to say it is INSANELY interesting learning about VO2 max and anaerobic thresholds and anthropometrics and blood lactate etc etc etc "other long ass science words" :P
i have been doing cycle ergometer tests and sprints (which by the way pulled my leg muscles and now i limp everywhere sigh) and also had to get pricked 5 times while exercising so my blood lactate could be monitored. i have 2 days left but i am loving it :)

another thing i am loving........... CROSSFITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
i friggin miss it. so so sososososoo much. cant wait to get back home and get right back into it (if my leg allows me to!)