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Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

The Raw Truth
(Good Health Magazine May 2011)


... to increase its effectiveness as a cancer fighter.  
Cooked carrots contain 34% more antioxidants than raw ones.
They also have more falcarinol, a compound with strong anti-cancer properties.
Researchers believe it's because when carrots are cooked, their composition
changes so that they lose their ability to retain water, and as that happens the concentration
of falcarinol increases.

don't chop a carrot before you cook it
dicing carrots increases the surface area, so more nutrients
leach out during cooking.
carrots that are cooked whole contain 25% more falcarinol.

eat it lightly cooked or raw protect against breast cancer.  
women who eat four or more serves of raw or lightly cooked cabbage a week
during adolescence are 72% less likely to develop breast cancer in later life, compared
with women who eat only one or two serves a week.
increasing cabbage consumption during adulthood also provides
a protective effect.

opt for red cabbage instead of the white variety.
packed full of the same compounds that give berries their 'superfood'
reputation, red cabbage has antioxidant activity at least 
6 times higher than the white-green variety.

eat it cooked & cooled

... to give your immune system a boost.  
diets high in resistant starch which is found in cold rather than
hot boiled potatoes, can lead to lower levels of white blood cells,
a sign that the body's immune system is working efficiently.

it's thought that the effect is produced in the large intestine where resistant starch
ferments after being pushed there from the small intestine,
an organ that cant digest starch in this form.

boil potatoes whole.
they contain many important nutrients and boiling them
whole retains as much as 75% of their mineral content

eat it cooked

... to maximize how much of its calcium and lutein you absorb.
spinach is naturally calcium rich, but it also has a high 
oxalate content, an acid that 'traps' or interferes with the calcium accessibility.
but research shows that cooking can significantly reduce a vegetable's
oxalate levels, while boosting lutein content.
while a cup of raw spinach provides 3.6 mg of lutein,
an antioxidant that helps protect against age-related blindness, a half-cup serve
of cooked spinach contains 6.3 mg.

don't worry if the spinach you buy has been sitting
on the supermarket shelf for a few days.
this green leafy veg is one of the few that actually benefits from exposure
to harsh supermarket lighting, increasing in vitamins C, K, and E and
folate as well as many other nutrients, including lutein, after
as many as nine days left on the shelf.

30 ways to outsmart temptation

Mix up some milk.
If you're craving
creamy chocolate treats
and nothing else will do,
mix up a cup of lowfat
milk with some
chocolate syrup, then
slowly savor each rich,
sweet sip. Bonus: You'll 
get a boost of calcium!
:) this is what i do if i'm craving sweets
i make a cup of low fat hot chocolate with
Cadbury chocolate powder
skim milk & a sachet of Equal
.. or i make myself a chocolate protein shake :)

Fake the fries.
Swap the "fries"
for some "bakes." Cut a
potato (or sweet potato
or butternut squash)
into wedges, sprinkle
with oil and spices and
bake at 450 degrees
Fahrenheit for at least
30 minutes, flipping

this is also a good tip. the other day i wanted fish and chips
really frikkin bad.  but i'd already splurged that day
so i ordered grilled fish and baked some low fat chips 
in the oven (from supermarket). still satisfied my craving
but with a lot less fat. otherwiiiise if i really want chips,
i just grab a small size from maccas or something. 

Envision the
What will this
indulgence do to your
plan? How far will it set
you back? Will you be
able to bounce back
quickly, or will it take
weeks of work?

this trick/tactic has helped me COUNTLESS of times.
if i want to just keep eating even if i'm full, i automatically
think, uhhh then that's another 1,500 kJs i gotta work
to burn off bleh. 
im not saying DONT ever treat yourself. i'm all for moderation.
listen to your body. it'll tell you when you're full. LISTEN TO IT.

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