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Friday, July 1, 2011

It's been a whilllllllleeeeee

i have been so busy with work this week due to school holidays so i apologise for the lack of posts :'(
on the plus side, i've managed to keep up with my nutrition and workouts this week even through late nights and 3.45am wake ups.  i've been doing a circuit training program and it absolutely killed me, it was great!!! cant wait to keep it going next week. i also got my body fat re-tested and it has dropped!!!! SOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPYYYY. its taken hard work since i was already on the leaner range of the scale for my age but its worth it. i've been trying to increase my food especially protein and have also increased my workouts and i can definitely tell the difference. my strength, endurance and stamina have all lifted so even if i didnt see a decrease in body fat i would have still been happy. but YAY for improvements :):) ok on with the bloggy!

makes me want to gym!
holy frig his arms are MASSIVE

One of the best quick breakfasts you can prepare is a bowl of oatmeal, especially if you are active and health conscious. Oatmeal is rich in complex, energy-sustaining carbohydrates, low in fat and high in fiber. What's more it is economically priced and easy to make!
Ideas for oatmeal!
Ideas For Oatmeal
Apple Cinnamon:Add chopped apple or a few teaspoons of natural, unsweetened applesauce to oatmeal and cook. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
Maple & Brown SugarUse sugar-free pancake syrup and a dash of cinnamon or artificial brown sugar. 
Fruit & Cream:Add a little milk or vanilla protein powder and a few strawberries, blueberries, peaches, or a teaspoon of sugar free preserves.
Maple Walnut:Add 1 tbsp sugar-free pancake syrup and a few chopped walnuts.
French Vanilla:Add 1 tsp vanilla, a splash of low-fat milk, and a packet of artificial sweetener.
Cinnamon Raisin:Try using a few dashes of cinnamon, a splash of sugar-free maple syrup and a teaspoon of raisins.
Protein Boost:Stir in 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder.
Butter Pecan:Add a splash of imitation butter flavor, teaspoon of Promise fat-free butter replacement or a few dashes of Butter Buds and a teaspoon of chopped pecans.
Other Grains:Try a multi-grain hot cereal, 5 or 7-grain hot cereal, oat bran, or get even fancier and splurge on some imported McCann Steel Cut Oatmeal for a little change of pace when you are bored with regular oatmeal. Any of the flavor varieties listed above work well with these complex carbohydrate hot cereals.



Get in push-up position on the ground with your feet on a bench or step, hands slightly wider than shoulders. Lower chest toward floor (drop to your knees if necessary).


Press up and rotate body to the right. Extend right arm up, hold for 1 count. Do another push-up and turn to the left to complete 1 rep. Do 5 to 6 reps. (screw that, do more lol)

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  1. the last picture is so cute! & the boy is pretty tasty too! x