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Friday, June 24, 2011


a friend who i admire heaps forwarded me this quote today cos he thought it would be great for the blog
thank you! :)
note: this quote came from a fitness magazine story about Nick Chisholm, who suffered a stroke... he could not MOVE and had difficulty breathing but ultimately went against all odds and trained his body.  now he bench presses 100kgs. if that's not motivation then i dont know what is! :P

"Power is the capacity to exert your will.  
Too often we assume that the power we have in life is fixed and limited, and instead of building our power to match our will, 
we degrade our will to conform to our perceived lack of power."

you are all so much stronger than you think!
put aside the "Can't Dos" and "don't wannas" and just give something a go.
im telling you now - the feeling you get from achieving something you were initially doubting
is EFFING AMAZING. then go and boast :) cause you will want to lol

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