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Friday, June 3, 2011

BSc Mag quote


Eat at the right time

The ability to burn fat depends on what different fuels the body has available to it.
Within a mixed meal of carbohydrate, protein & fat, the body will always utilise the 
carbohydrate and proteins before it will the fat.
This is merely an evolutionary adaptation for humans to store extra fat for times of famine.
What this means in terms of fat loss, even if you eat a very low fat, nutritionally balanced diet, 
if you eat the bulk of your calories in the second half of the day you are unlikely to burn body fat
simply because the body will spend its time digesting the carbohydrate and protein contents of your food
and is unlikely to get to fat stores before you eat again the next day. 
For this reason, a key step in fat loss is to shift your food intake forward. 
Aim for a carbohydrate protein breakfast, morning tea and lunch and then taper off the carbs
sticking to meat and vegetables for dinner.  Naturally, rewarding yourself with chocolates, biscuits
or lollies late at night for all your hard work during the day is not a good idea as it is fuelling you up at night
and likely to be preventing fat stores being broken down.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment! I LOVE reading your blog everyday, the pictures you post are so motivating! I love the tips and facts as well!