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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

How to get the most out of your kilojoule allowance.
The recommended number is 8700kJ, but you'll be surprised at how quickly your daily allowance disappears.
[a person's daily requirements can vary, depending on their size and the amount of physical activity they do daily.  for example, a body builder may need 10, 000+ kJs whereas someone who is small and sits at a desk all day may only need 6,000 kJs]

Unhealthy day: breakfast

Turkish toast with butter and Vegemite, with a large full-fat milk cappuccino
It's a quick, easy and popular breakfast but in one hit there's almost half the recommended upper daily intake of sodium and more than half the recommended intake of saturated fat. Don't be surprised if your energy levels plummet and you're starving not long after. Consisting of refined, high-GI bread with a topping of sodium-laden Vegemite, this breakfast is devoid of any real nutrition, particularly good-quality protein.
Energy 2416 kJ
  • 25g fat
  • 15g sat fat
  • 70g carbs
  • 17.5g protein
  • 1.8mg sodium
  • 4g fibre       

[my advice: ensure your breakfast has a healthy dose of fibre AND protein.  E.g. boiled eggs + rye bread.  OR muesli with mixed fruit and nuts and yoghurt. OR protein shake and wholemeal toast. both these elements will keep you full so that you're not starving after an hour.]


Unhealthy day: lunch

Large beef burger, large fries and 600ml cola soft drink
With blood sugar levels plummeting after an unsustaining breakfast, it's tempting to reach for some fast food. If you add to your poor breakfast with this meal, you'll have exceeded the recommended daily intake of both sodium and saturated fat, not to mention the excessive sugar the cola will supply.
Energy 4897 kJ
  • 51g fat
  • 13.5g sat fat
  • 141g carbs
  • 30g protein
  • 1443mg sodium
  • 8g fibre

[im not saying NEVER have burger & fries, but seriously, there's far better choices out there which won't leave you feel bloated and guilty.  Once again aim to have fibre + protein and also some veggies.  E.g. wholemeal wrap with chicken and veg. OR stirfry with chicken/beef served with brown rice. OR tuna sandwich (wholemeal or rye bread), with avocado, have a yoghurt for dessert.]


Unhealthy day: afternoon tea

One piece of banana bread and a mug of tea with full-fat milk
A little sweet treat is nice in the middle of the afternoon, but with this on top of breakfast and lunch you've consumed your entire daily energy allowance and very few nutrients. Banana bread contains ample amounts of butter, sugar and white flour - making this a waste of kilojoules on poor-quality food.
Energy 1384 kJ
  • 12g fat
  • 5g sat fat
  • 47g carbs
  • 8g protein
  • 278mg sodium
  • 2g fibre
[i dont think this is a REALLY bad afternoon tea... with some substitutions it's perfectly fine. like using skim milk instead of full cream milk, and also just sticking to one slice of banana bread, instead of going for a second one.  or you could have a piece of wholemeal toast with peanut butter.  or cottage cheese and fruit [cottage cheese is also a good source of protein].  a handful of nuts is also amazing for keeping you healthy and are packed with nutrients.] 

Unhealthy day: dinner

Nothing: you've used up all your kilojoules!

[see how quickly kJs add up??  with dinners, i usually limit my intake of carbs - LIMIT, you dont have to ELIMINATE - and stick to a small serving + protein + veg. like steak marinated with herbs + roast broccoli and pumpkin, chicken stirfries with small serve of brown rice or spaghetti meatballs made with wholemeal pasta and reduced sodium sauce.]


Total daily intake 8697kJ energy, 88g fat, 34g sat fat, 58g carbohydrate, 55g protein, 2721mg sodium, 14g fibre.

You've consumed 8697KJ but very little quality nutrients. With such high consumption of fat and high-GI carbohydrate the long-term results could include immune deficiency disorders, digestive disorders, dietary-linked cancers, type-2 diabetes, obesity and/or heart disease.
[healthy food are normally lower in kJs and higher in nutrients.  you'll find you can fit a lot more nutrient-dense foods in your kJ daily limit compared to one that's based on high fat, high kJ.  you'll also feel a lot better and add years to your life.  there's a saying which goes "abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym".  weight loss is 70% nutrition! remember treat your body right, have a few treats now and then and enjoy life.] 




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