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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6, 2011

good morning world!
had a really busy day yesterday hence no blogging :'(
did work my 2nd day of work experience and had a blast!
i was allowed to do some reception work and did 2 classes
back-to-back.. Step & Body Balance
I highly recommend both classes... Step requires a bit more coordination
but man I was dripping buckets of sweat! and body balance was
just so nice and relaxing and such a Strength and conditioning
and flexibility workout that it's a great addition to your regime.
try them :)

:: The Look Good in Shorts
Workout: Sculpt Sexy Legs
and a Tight Butt ::


do these exercises (for more info, click on the link above)
plus a ton of cardio =D

1. step ups

2. lateral leg lift

3. bend/extend

4. lateral leg circle

5. skate jump


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