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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011

^ above is a great simple workout!
all you need is a towel
and a skipping rope... but if you don't have a skipping
rope, she offers other suggestions :)
i love workouts like these, you don't need much equipment.

I trained a friend this morning, she did so well :)
and even did bear crawls in front of traffic ;)
both of us looked like idiots but we had fun!
[which is what it's all about right?]

^ what bear crawls look like 

work experience in an hour :)
i get to see a trainer help out a man who
is learning to walk again.   pretty sure this will be inspiring!
also helping out with kiddies bootcamp ^___^

Lean-Belly Strategy #1 


Pay Attention to What You Eat
Mindless eating is excessive eating. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts discovered that people who watched TV while they ate consumed nearly 300 more calories than those who dined without an eye on the tube. You need to pay attention to the messages your stomach is sending to your brain; if the TV is blaring, you won't see the "slow" and "stop" signs.

.... this took me a while to master.  

i admit i was OBSESSED with eating in front of the computer, or while i'm reading or while i'm watching an episode of sex and the city. but you really do consume so much more when you're not paying attention.  for me, being distracted whilst eating, led to binges.  it might not be as dramatic for you though, but you may be consuming a few extra unnecessary calories.  

it can take practice but try and stay conscious of every bite you put into your mouth, it could mean the difference between weight loss and weight GAIN.  

if you have to, turn off the tv/shut off the computer.  your meal will only take like 20 mins anyway.  enjoy your food, SAVOUR that flavour and you will find you're satisfied a lot earlier than if you weren't paying attention :)

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