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Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, it's april already?!

:: Goals that help, Goals that hurt ::

Step 1: Take a close look at the words that express your goals.

Remove negative words such as NO, NOT, NEVER, STOP, 
LOSE, REDUCE, LIMIT, or QUIT from your list of goals.   
Re-word them so that they give off a more "positive"
feel.  Instead of saying, "Stop eating carbs!", try saying, "Eat wholegrain
carbs for their Low GI factor." :)

Step 2: Do your goals deprive you of something you want (or think you want)?

"Contrary to belief, making something off-limits isn’t the best way to maintain 
control. It'll get that 2-year-old inside us really geared up to do battle."
I used to tell myself I'm not allowed certain foods such as
chocolate.  It just made me want chocolate more.  It takes
time but try & practice moderation.  It's worth it making it a habit.
Instead of not allowing yourself something that you want, 
let yourself have small doses of it, e.g. 2 small squares of chocolate
instead of the whole row, or having a cup of hot chocolate with
skim milk instead of full cream milk.  You've made a difference already :)

Step 3: Do your goals set you up for failure?

"Framing your goals in negative terms creates an all-or-nothing situation, 
where even one small slip means failure. And we all know where 
this leads—"Well, I’ve already blown it, I might as well enjoy it and start 
over tomorrow," which turns into next week, next month, or next year." 

Framing your goals in positive terms makes reaching them that much easier.

Click here to see what positive words allow you to do.

my work experience went well :)
she gave me a fitness assessment and i was very happy with
the results. my resting heart rate [the slower your heart rate, the fitter you are] 
was 67, and she said 75 was pretty good fitness, so to be 67 was YAY for me haha
and my body fat % was 21%. for my age, weight and height, the healthy range
was 20-29% so she said i was in the leaner range for my category.  I felt 
so happy because i know i work hard.  this just inspired me to go the extra mile:)
remember that every positive step you take, no matter how small
will bring you that much closer to what you are working for.


excuses? what excuses?

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