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Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5, 2011

:: Snack smart ::

snack snack snack!!
snacking is IMPORTANT for a variety of reasons..

~ keeps your energy levels up
~ keeps you from eating too much at meal time
"Munching between meals can actually reduce your overall caloric intake by curbing overeating at your next meal."
~ keeps your metabolism fired up for constant fat/calorie burning
~ blood sugar levels remain stable
Remember: snacking isn't grazing. Avoid mindless eating which can pile on calories!

Below is one of my fave snacks: antiox bars.  
I found this gem at Woolworths in their Naytura aisle.

"Goji Berries from Asia and Acai fruit from Brazil are highly valued in their country for their high antioxidant values. AntiOx™ Bars are wholegrain bars with Acai fruit or Goji and forest berries coated in sugar free dark chocolate" 

Dare you to try one & give your health a boost :)

What are some of your fave healthy snacks?

Tip: make sure your snack has protein & fibre... to keep you full for a looooong time.
tuna, wholemeal bread + peanut butter, fruit, veg with hummus, yoghurt, a glass of milk + fruit
possibilities are endless!

Happy snacking :)

Please someone buy me a kettlebellllllllllllll.

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