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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011

going to see what it feels like to work at a gym next week :)
I've done work experience before with Figures Health & Fitness buttttt
that was just with one Personal Trainer and it was for like 2 days
This time, part of my uni assessment is to do 20 hours of
Professional Vocational Experience and Yaralla Fitness Centre
have been nice enough to accept me as a work experience student
so i can get a feel for the business.
 i am so appreciative & grateful, even if it's not a proper job or anything
i feel like it's a step towards the right path

gotta get an ABN sooooon, i think i have my business name all ready 
but gonna keep it hush hush for a while 
& see if i still like it after a few weeks

i know it's random but Aladdin's one of my face disney movies 
so it's gotta make an appearance sometime 

:: Nutrition trivia ::

Which of the following foods contain fiber?

A - Meat
B - Poultry
C - Fish
D - Eggs
E - Dairy products
F - Nuts and seeds
G - Fruits and vegetables
H - Whole grains
All of the above 

F, G and H only

F, G and H only~ :)
Fiber is ONLY found in plant-based foods. Animal products do not contain any fiber. 

: Abdominal Exercises ::

Ab crunch on a  stability ball -
STEP 1. Slowly roll down onto the ball, letting your spine follow its curve, 
and place your head and neck in a comfortable position on its back. Place your hands at the sides 
of your head and position your feet hip-distance apart.

STEP 2. Draw your abdominal muscles, then exhale and curl your entire spine up, starting 
from the neck. Flex at your torso until the distance between the top of your pelvis and the 
bottom of your ribs stops shortening.

Target: Abs     
Muscles Worked: Rectus Abdominis, Obliques, Lower Back
Difficulty: Beginner

Pulse up [I love this one!]-
STEP 1. Lie on your back with your hands underneath your tailbone 
and have your legs straight upward, as illustrated.

STEP 2. Pull your navel inward and flex your glutes as you lift your hips just a 
few inches off the floor. Then lower your hips. 

Target: Abs    
Muscles Worked: Rectus Abdominis, Lower Back
Difficulty: Intermediate


V-Up -
STEP 1. With your back on the floor, and your legs straight, hold your 
arms straight above your chest, and have your fingers point upwards.

STEP 2. Fold your body upward by lifting your legs off the floor and stretching 
your arms toward your toes, while consciously contracting your abdominal muscles.

STEP 3. Then, pause for a short time, and return to starting position.

Target: Abs     
Muscles Worked: Rectus Abdominis, Obliques
Difficulty: Intermediate

Lots more ideas here!


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