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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011

so i didnt get to post another blog yesterday and i blame this for it..

honestly, my Ex Phys book weighs like 5 kilos, i could do a circuit of weight training exercises with it :p
anyhoo, before i attack this giant again today, i'll post stuff.

:: DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness ::

... is that muscle soreness/pain/stiffness you feel 1-2 days after your exercise routine.
i'm a bit of a weirdo and think this pain is good, as it tells me that i challenged my muscles :)
as we all have probably experienced, this pain usually fades away after a few days
so it's nothing to really be worked up about.

"Delayed onset muscle soreness is thought to be a result of microscopic tearing of the 
muscle fibers. The amount of tearing (and soreness) depends on how hard and how long you 
exercise and what type of exercise you do." 

it's okay, the muscle fibers tear, then they repair themselves and
become STRONGER.

Ways to REDUCE muscle soreness....
(you can't really "treat" DOMS, but there are a few ways to reduce the pain & stiffness)

~ gentle stretching

~ make sure you have a "cool down" period in your workout
(low impact aerobic workout)

~ rest those muscles that are sore for a few days
(e.g. if your lower body is sore, do a workout that involves mainly 
your upper body instead)

~ get a massage

(i need to do this today as i am walking like a grandma after
one too many squat jumps)

~ drinks lots of water!!!!

~ make sure you perform a proper "warm up" as part of your exercise routine

~ progress slowly with your exercises.  
don't use 5 kilo weights one day then jump to 20 :P

~ use the 10% rule

~ workout safely... read these 2 articles for some tips:

they have a whole load more info on preventing muscle soreness

15 Ways to Prevent and Heal Muscle Soreness


"Success is going from failure to failure
without a loss of enthusiasm."
 ~ Unknown


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