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Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

it's FRIDAY! weeeeeeeeee :) 

a few ways to cut fat from your diet 
(saturated fat, the icky kind)

1. pizza - instead of ordering from dominos or eagle boys, just for one night try
making your own pizza! use light cheese, add less processed meat (salami,
pepperoni, bacon, etc).  i know that i can really tell the difference when i 
order fast food pizza and when i cook it myself (i add extra rocket and tomato and other veg
for more nutrients).
i dont feel as bloated and there's certainly a lot less grease on my fingers. :P

2. chips - while i don't encourage a daily intake of fries, i have learnt one fact .. that
if you want chips, go for the big thick ones (i think theyre called steak fries? or is that american?)
large cut chips dont absorb as much oil as their skinny counterparts.
OR you can buy those frozen chips from the groceries and there's options now like
Healthy Choice oven chips and also SWEET POTATO chips which are much healthier.

3. butter - i saw this tip online. "Soften butter or margarine at room temperature or 
in a microwave. Chances are you'll spread your bread with one-quarter of the fat and calories 
you do when you put it on cold."
i dont really use butter (i cant tell when its on there or not lol)... instead i use hummus
or avocado for a bit of flavour and texture.  if you dont like these foods, you could 
try the tip above, another good way to lessen your intake of fat.

4.  canned food - soups, gravies & other sauces, canned meat... when you refrigerate these,
the fat will solidify at the top of the can making it easier to scrape off.
again, i dont recommend canned food like that (veg & fruit are fine)
due to their high level of sodium content. fresh always tastes better anyway :P

5. olive oil - if you must use oil in cooking, use OLIVE OIL. it's soooo much healthier and 
tastier. lots of essential fatty acids (the kind that help your heart and cholesterol levels
and make your skin, hair & nails all prettylike). buy it.!

that movie was so cute.

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