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Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

Little bit of nutrition tip this morning:

"To get a good night’s rest, consider swapping that cheeseburger for a turkey burger
A study from the Federal University of São Paulo, in Brazil, found that increased fat intake-at any 
point in the day, but especially at dinner-resulted in less REM (deep) sleep, more sleep apnea 
and more tossing and turning. And it’s a double whammy: Fat steals sleep, while fatigue makes 
the body crave it. To break out of the cycle, trim the PM fat from your diet."

for more info, check out this online article:
5-Minute Energy Fixes

Learn to love A.M. exercise!!

 - jump starts your metabolism
- energizes you for the day... you have started your day on a positive note
- you will be more focused during the day as exercise increases your mental clarity & sharpness
- when you exercise in the morning, it can help regulate your appetite during the day
- you can have "me" time first thing in the morning which can be therapeutic and set your mood for the day
- you get your exercise over & done with early! no chance to procrastinate

many more reasons here:

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