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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chin ups are the (sexy) devil

:: Benefits of Chin Ups ::
functional strength increases - The strength you build with
pull ups will carryover to every area of your life and is a type of
strength you might have to use one day 
builds muscle - The pull up is one of the best ways to pack 
muscle onto your back, shoulders and arms

posture improvements

back pain alleviation

a better looking physique

Muscles targeted...

I swear the abs should be highlighted too!

I have a love/hate relationship with chin ups
They are SO friggin hard to do but they WORK.
I always feel the burn during the sets AND the 
pain and stiffness the next day... which to me means I worked hard 
I did these at the gym last week and will strive to do 
a few sets every time so I can get better and increase
my numbers, even by just one, because I know my
back & arms are thanking me every 
time I kill them with it!.

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